What Is Co-Managed IT?

To be successful in business today you need technology and the expertise to manage it. Yet recruiting and retaining internal IT experts is challenging. Those who know how to support, secure, and scale technology assets are in high demand. That’s one reason many take advantage of co-managed IT.   Co-managed IT sees your internal teamwork…

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Even the Vatican Is Vulnerable to Cyberattack – Are You?

You’ve heard it before: no one is immune from cyberattacks. Doubt that statement? The Vatican suffered an attack that prompted it to take its websites offline. Yes, even the Holy See can suffer a Denial of Service (DDoS attack). The November 30, 2022 attack affected the official website ( Several other Vatican sites were…

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Keep Your Business Safe by Securing Your Email

Email security is likely the #1 place where small businesses could spend a little more to get a lot of protection for their company. Cyber-attack statistics over the past few years show that most of them originate through email ( Malicious emails can contain links to sites that try to harvest login credentials, get users…

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Don’t Immediately Jump into Updating to Windows 11

Microsoft releases Windows 11 this month, October 5, 2021 (, and businesses may not want to upgrade just yet. The new version of Windows will come with some significant user experience tweaks that users may not like, certain programs could have problems with it, and Microsoft has a track record of releasing unpopular versions of…

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